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Reach to Unreached Approach

Reach to Unreached Approach:

The last six decades have witnessed certain explosions. There was the explosion of expectations which the newly liberated people experienced, but was effectively articulated only by the urban elite, the industrial rich and the political heavy-weight. Result was, despite lofty ideas and well-meaning intentions; the cake of development was taken away by the privileged sections of the Indian society. Unfortunately, higher education in India has always been the prerogative of the elite. This “growth” has only accentuated the imbalance that has always existed in the educational status of urban elite and the rural masses in India. The population explosion, which has mainly taken place in the rural areas, has affected spread of literacy and education in the rural areas where almost 74 per cent of India’s population lives. The education atmosphere in the villages is most uninviting. The illiterate rural parents cannot provide the proper education to their children due to lack of knowledge, financial issues and others. The Mewar University not only provides the better jobs to these sections but also provide the necessary skills so that they can start their own business. The problem thus is to make this human mass a much better producer of economic goods and services.

Mewar University focus future cooperation on implementing Education for all, particularly in addressing the educational needs of those population groups that are disadvantaged and remain "unreached"


Who are the unreached?

Generally referred to as the "unreached", they constitute the last percentages of the population who have either been historically and culturally excluded, or have been pushed too difficult circumstances due to recent economic and political trends. They are in the lowest range in the indicators of education participation and performance, and they lack or have no access to educational opportunities and services.

The unreached include learners and students from remote communities, religious, linguistic and ethnic minorities, girls and women, students at risk of dropping out etc.

Working towards to reach the unreached

Mewar University by undertaking educational initiatives to provide quality education to the rural as well as urban communities in the different sections among all over the India.Furthermore, out of these around 75 percent came from remote areas.


Emphasis on Quality

Apart from focusing on reaching out to vulnerable children through education, equal importance was given to improving the quality of education in the institute by introducing various tools and strategies such as two way teaching methodology where firstly teacher taught and then students present their self in the form of presentation, chart, model and assignments. Furthermore, practical knowledge, conferences, seminars, workshops, industrial training etc. has also been providing in order to build the student quality oriented. Another means aimed at improving quality of education was by introducing quality learning materials wherein teachers prepared the learning materials which are more interactive and interesting.



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