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Library Rules


  1. The library is meant for use by the students and faculty members of the University, and the timings of the library are: Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Saturday/Sunday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Under urgent, abnormal or unforeseen circumstances, the library or any of its sections may be opened later or closed earlier than the scheduled hours at the discretion of the librarian.
    • Issue of books, periodicals, etc, will ordinarily commence quarter of an hour after the scheduled time of opening and will be stopped half an hour before the scheduled time of closing of the library.
    •  All library books, periodicals, etc. meant to be returned to the library are to be presented at the counter for the purpose at least 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time of closing of the library.
    • Readers' or borrower's cards or other identity records are to be shown to the security guard, if demanded, at the time of entering the library or whenever asked for in the library.
    • Undesirable or unauthorized persons shall have no access to the library, and if found in the library, they shall be liable to expulsion from the library by the librarian.
  4. While in the library, all persons shall observe all basic and elementary principles of library ethics, obey the rules and procedures of the library, and submit to discipline enforced by the librarian.
    • Conversation, talking, sleeping, smoking and loitering is not allowed in the library. The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the library premises.
    • No reader shall bring any non-member into the library, nor shall lend, even temporarily, library books borrowed by him to others.
  6. Person detected to be acting in contravention of rules 3, 4, and 5 above shall be liable to be deprived of the facilities of the reading room temporarily or permanently.
  7. No reader who has been thus excluded from the privileges of the library shall be allowed to use the reading rooms or to borrow books unless and until such person be reinstated by the library committee.
  8. At the time of entering the library, all personal belongings such as attaché cases, brief cases, satchels, bags, umbrellas, etc., books not belonging to the Institute Library and books though borrowed from the library but not meant to be returned to the library, shall be deposited at the property counter at the entrance to the library. Note: Though for the period of deposit, all possible care will be taken for the safe custody of the article or articles deposited, the administration does not accept any responsibility for any damage or loss of the same. It is advisable not to bring valuable things to the library and deposit them at the property counter.
  9. Every member of the library shall be responsible for the safe custody of any library book borrowed by him/her for use in the library reading room or at home. 
    •  Library books issued for use in the Reading Room shall not be taken out of the section without the prior permission of the Librarian.
    • Library books shall never be left unattended on the table in the hall. The borrower shall be held responsible for loss, mutilation or damage, if any, while the book stands issued on his account.
  11. At the time of borrowing, a book either for use in the Library Reading Room or for use at home, every borrower is expected to examine it carefully and bring to the notice of the Person-in-charge of the issue – counter, in case of mutilation, defacement or damage, if any, immediately: otherwise if any mutilation, defacement or damage is detected subsequently, the person to whom the book was issued last will be held responsible for such damage, defacement or mutilation.
    • Persons held responsible for loss, damage, defacement of mutilation of books shall be liable to compensate the library in such manner as may be determined by the Library Committee.
    • In case of mutilation, damage, defacement or loss of library books, the Librarian may, pending the final decision of the Library Committee, wholly or partially suspend the library privileges allowed to a person who is held responsible or is suspected to be responsible for the offence.
  13. Ordinarily not more than three books at a time will be allowed to be retained by a borrower for use for a week, and such books are to be returned in good condition on or before the due date.
  14. Subject to the terms and conditions that may further be determined by the Library Committee from time to time, facilities of borrowing books from the University Library may be extended to the following categories of persons for their own use under terms and conditions shown against each, provided they have duly enrolled themselves as members of the University Library by filling up the prescribed form for:
    • Employees,
    • Retired Faculty,
    • Alumni of the institute
  15. If books having been borrowed by persons mentioned in sections 13 of the Library Rules is not returned in spite of reminders, the matter shall be reported to the Library Committee for such action as may be considered necessary.
  16. No books shall be issued and delivered to any person other than a duly registered borrower in person or someone having on each occasion a written authority from him to receive a book or books on behalf of such registered borrower.
  17. Books on loan with members of the library under any category can be recalled by the University Librarian at any time.
  18. There are certain categories of publications such as reference books, rare books, periodicals, reports, etc., books of such special collections which are not generally lent out and those are not to be ordinarily issued out of the library.
    • Library cards are not transferable.
    • In case of loss of a library card, a duplicate one may be issued, at the direction of the Librarian, for which a fee of Rs. 25/- per card will have to be paid. Another duplicate library card for Students and Research Scholars may be issued against a charge of Rs. 100/- per card. Thereafter no duplicate card shall be issued.
  20. At the request of other University, research institutes, educational Institutions, well – known and well-established libraries or organizations and government or semi-government offices, separable books, publications and other materials belonging to the University Library may be issued on inter- library loan system by the Librarian.
  21. If a depositor does not claim refund of his library deposit money within three years from the date of cessation of his membership of the library, the deposit money will be forfeited.
  22. The Library Rules framed herein above may, from time to time, be changed, altered, and amended, or new rules may be added by the Library Committee, and that will be effective and binding to all concerned when the relevant proceedings of the Library Committee are approved by the University Management.


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