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ORGANIZED BY: Mewar University, Department of Pharmacy

DATE  : 29th -30th December 2021 (Wednesday-Thursday)

ATTENDED BY   : Final year B. Pharm Students (75)

CORDINATORS: HOD Dr. Gaurav Kumar Sharma and Assistant Professor Sarita Sharma.

VENUE: Keshav Hospital, Bhilwara.

  • Hospital visit was organized by the department of pharmacy with kind guidance and support of the Dean Pharmacy, Dr. Kaushal Kishor Chandrul.
  • Director Training & Placement, Mr. Harish Gurnani has communicated with the Keshav hospital authorities and taken the grants to visit their premises.
  • On 29th December 2021 the batch-A of 36 students and on 30th December 2021 the batch-B of 39 students (Total 75 studentwhich included 1 International & 38 Indian students) visited the Keshav Hospital, Bhilwara.
  • The main aim of the hospital visit to show the various departments of the hospital so that students can understand the actual working, roles and responsibilities of hospital pharmacist.
  • Students were coordinated and accompanied by Head of the Department Dr. Gaurav Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor Sarita Sharma and IT support Mr. Deepak Sharma.
  • The visit started at 12.00 noon from university. We boarded the university bus to reach to Bhilwara. We reached there around 12.45 pm. At the reception, we were welcomed by the team coordinator Mr. Pawan Parashar of  Keshav Hospital.

·         Mr. Pawan Parashar has taken the students to the central pharmacy of the hospital and he has explained about the various patterns of the inventory control, procurement and billing procedures, the arrangement of dosage forms, emergency/ life-saving drugs, expiry drugs etc.

·         In drug store area students were gained knowledge about various schedule drugs (Schedule X, H etc), Over the Counter (OTC) drugs, branded and generic drugs. We also saw the special precautions for storage of narcotic drugs.

·         This was followed by a detailed presentation about the role of hospital pharmacy in hospital, drug distribution systems for in-patient/out-patient and medication errors.

Final year students have asked various types of queries which were solved and explain by their hospital pharmacist.

  • 2 group of total students was made and then a visit to the different departments of the hospital like ICU (Intensive care unit), NICU (Neonatal Intensive care unit), MICU (Medical Intensive care unit), pathology lab, operation theatres, emergency services and the different patient wards to us.
  • Intensive care unit was visited where various protocols were displayed to stabilise patients of respiratory problems, seizures and snake bite etc. Biomedical waste management protocols along with coloured bins were places in every ward.
  • Students have visited the emergency section, physiotherapy room, X-ray room and laboratories for sample (like blood, urine, sputum etc) collection and analysis.
  • A detailed explanation regarding each department was given during the visit by Mr. Pawan Parashar.

·         All the students were demonstrated about the different equipment’s used in the hospital as follows:

·         ECG (electro cardiogram),

·         EEG (electro encephalogram)

·         Defibrillators

·         Ventilators

·         CT-Scan

·         Ultra-Sound

·         Sterilisers and Respiratory suction unit etc.

  • Emergency Services: It includes emergency services required for dealing with accidents, natural disasters, epidemics, etc. students observed the casualty ward where the emergency patients were treated by the doctors. Student took a tour of a well-equipped ambulance which reaches the patient on dialling 108.
  • Lastly students were introduced about the different documentation patterns by the various departments of the hospital.
  • All the remaining queries of B. Pharm students were answered by the hospital coordinator with a lot of patience and in very satisfactory manner.
  • The visit gave a lot of knowledge to the students which will help them in their curriculum.





  • Preventive Functions

The keshav hospital also carries out various preventive functions which include the following:

a. Supervision of normal pregnancies and childbirth

b. Supervision of normal growth and development of children

c. Control of communicable diseases

d. Prevention of prolonged illness

e. Provision of health education services


f. Preventive health check-up

  • It was a matter of pride for us that there we met Head pharmacist and inventory Manager of the keshav hospital Mr. Sanjay Jat who is a 2017 D. Pharma alumni from department of pharmacy, Mewar university.
  • All the seniors and higher authorities of keshav hospital have appreciated him and congratulated the department of pharmacy, Mewar University for producing such skilled, dedicated, versatile and disciplined employees for the society.


  • Outcome of the visit:

Students could learn about set up of the hospital in community sector. Various health related protocols were explained and working of the CT scan machine and X-ray was shown along with demonstration. Ward setup for patients was observed and how the nurses were taking details of the patient was also understood. Students could understand various manpower required in the hospital and their roles and responsibilities at various levels.

  • Overall, the visit was very informative and enjoyable. We came to know regarding the role of Hospital Pharmacist in the overall health management.



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