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Department Facilities

Department of Agriculture

3.1.1 Details of Research Infrastructure

Research Lab (Room No.)

List of Equipments/Instruments

313  (Soil Science)

UV & Visible Spectrophotometer

Mechanical rotary Shaker

Digital pH meter

Digital EC meter

Kjeldahl unit


UV & Visible Spectrophotometer


Electric Weighing Machine (1)

Digital EC meter



Diameter Earth Augar

Digging Tools

Pressure Gauge


Thermometer (Max & Min)

Soil thermometer (05 cm)

Stevenson’s Screen

Lux meter

340( Plant Pathology)

Stereo binocular

Wet preservation Jars



Deep Freezer

Centrifuge (3000 rpm)

Water bath

Electronic balance

Weighing machine

Camera Lucida

341 (Agricultural Entomology)

Binocular Microscope

Insect Box

Insect Collection Nets

Collection Bottles

Insect Collection Big Boxes for Museum (1 for each order)

Insecticides for showing students/Representative for each group

Stereo microscope

Electronic Balance

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus


Light traps

pH meter

214 (Genetics & Plant Breeding)

Micro scope

Seed Germinator

Moisture Meter

Binocular Microscope

Electronic balance

Plant Growth Chamber

242 (Post Harvest Technology)

Pressure cooker: 10lit.

Pressure cooker : 5lit

Pressure cooker : 2lit

Mixer with Jar

Juice Extractor(Mechanized)

Juice Extractor(Hand Press)

Hand Refractometer

Digital Refractometer

Hot Air Oven


Electronic Weighing Balance

Deep Freezer

pH Meter

Grinding and Mixing Machine

Distillation Assembly



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