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Code of Conduct of Students


Hostel RulesAdmission

   Boys’ Hostels (BH) and Girls’ Hostels (GH) are reserved for students andfull-time Ph. D. students of Mewar University..

   Admission to the hostels will be made on the recommendation of the Committees constituted for the purpose by the V.C. / Registrar of Mewar University.

   Application for admission into hostel must be made on the prescribed form available in the Academic Section of the University website.

   Admission into a hostel is for one academic session only (July–August). On the expiry of this session, a student will cease to be a boarder of the hostel in which he / she resided.

   The allotment of rooms, seats and directions as to the use of lavatory, bathing places, kitchen, store room, roof, etc. will be entirely at the discretion of Warden / In-Charge of the hostel.

   Every boarder is expected to pay room rent and other charges in advance to Mewar University through cash/demand draft before the date of registration, failing which  his/her room will be treated as vacant, and his/her name will be removed from the rolls of the hostel in the beginning of the next semester.


A student once admitted as boarder must pay in advance the charges (for 12 months) at the time of admission.

(Explanation – If a boarder desires to leave a Hostel any time after admission, he/she has to pay for the seat and other charges payable to Mewar University, Chittorgarh for the remaining days of the month).

   In order to withdraw from a hostel, a boarder must give at least one month’s notice in writing to the Hostel Superintendent.



The boarders, on admission, will have to pay fees under the following headings (information about the actual charges can be obtained from the concerned section and is subject to revision from time to time).

i) Admission fee ii) Seat rent for the session, and iii) Miscellaneous charges

Boarders, on admission, will also have to pay one-time refundable caution deposit which is refundable to the boarder at the end of the boarder-ship tenure subject to fulfillment of certain conditions.

Late fine: Students, who fail to take re-admission as boarders by the last date, will have to pay a late fine.

Clearance Certificate: Boarders must produce Clearance Certificate from the hostel warden in respect of payment of seat rent, electricity charge, mess bill and other charges at the time of submitting fees and also before admit cards for the examination are issued.


   A warden will be in the charge of each hostel, who will be duly assisted by a superintendent. The superintendent will be responsible for the proper management of the hostel and observance of discipline-related rules.

   Without the permission of the Superintendent, which shall be recorded in a book kept for the purpose, students shall not absent themselves from the hostel between 12 AM and 6 AM. If a boarder stays outside the hostel any night between 12 AM to 6 AM without obtaining written permission of the Superintendent, he / she is liable to be expelled from the hostel.

   The inmates of men’s hostel are expected to be back in the hostel before 10 PM. Late-comers should enter their name and time in the register available with the security personnel.

   The inmates of ladies’ hostel are expected to be back in the hostel before 7 PM. Late-comers should enter their name and time in the register available with the security personnel.

   A student going out of station must inform in writing to the Warden and shall take necessary permission before leaving.

   The students should follow the instructions issued by the hostel authorities and the security personnel.

   The inmates are expected to behave politely with fellow students, institute staff and hostel authorities and show utmost decency in all their activities.

   Students residing in the hostel shall not engage themselves in undesirable activities such as ragging and forming groups in the name of language / religion / state that may disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the hostel.

   Inmates are not permitted to convene meeting of any sort anywhere in the hostel or its premises without the Warden’s permission. No circular/ subscription list shall be taken around without the permission/ authorization of the Warden.

   No student shall give a party of entertainment in the hostel without the previous permission of the Warden.

   A boarder should not rebuke or chastise a security guard, a cook, a servant or any other employee of the hostel for any reason whatsoever. If necessary, he / she may complain to Superintendent.

   No boarder shall employ a guard/cook/attendant for his / her personal business.

   The Common Room of the hostel will be kept open usually between 8:30 AM and 10 AM and between 4 PM and 7 PM every day unless decided otherwise by the Superintendent for special reasons.

   Smoking, consumption of alcohol and intoxication by any other means are strictly prohibited.

   Shouting, reading aloud and other similar acts, which are likely to disturb other residents, should not be indulged at any point of time.

   The inmates should keep their rooms neat and tidy. They should make the room available for periodic inspections by the concerned authorities.

   Cooking inside the room is strictly prohibited.

   Boarders should not keep valuable and costly items in their rooms. They shall take due care of their belongings and deposit money in the bank.

   Boarders are required to make their rooms available for repair, maintenance, and inspection by Warden whenever necessary.

   The use of unauthorized electrical appliances such as heater, etc., is strictly prohibited.

   Each boarder should check the condition of furniture and electrical fittings which are to be returned at the time of vacating the room.

   All the boarders are responsible for maintaining the hostel equipment issued to them and returning them in good condition at the time of  leaving the hostel. The student will have to pay for any loss or damage. No student is allowed to remove any equipment from the hostel.

   In case of sickness, boarders will consult the university doctor, or inform the hostel warden in case of emergency.

   The students are encouraged to discuss their problems with their warden as their mentor. They must note down the telephone numbers of their warden.

   Dining in the hostel mess (meals and tiffin) is compulsory for all boarders. Individual cooking or taking meals outside the hostel is not permitted. Boarders shall keep to the hours set for the meals and tiffin.

   The dining hours will ordinarily be

Break fast        7.00 A.M. to 9.00 A.M.

Lunch              12.00 P.M. to 2 P.M.

Tea                  5.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.

Dinner             7.30 P.M. to 9.00 P.M.

The following rules are subject to change with the consent of the Warden.

   Meals or extras will not be served to the rooms of the members.

   Under no circumstances, members are allowed to take cups, saucers, tumblers and other utensils of the hostel mess to their rooms/lawns outside.

   Students are expected to maintain perfect discipline and order in the dining halls during dining hours. They are normally not allowed to enter the kitchen and help themselves.

   Rules for reduction of mess charges for the days of absence of diners will be framed by the hostel and mess committee from time to time.

   If the dues are not cleared before the end of the month when they fall due, the defaulting students will not be allowed to dine in the mess. (Hostel dues include mess charges, room rent, electricity charges, water charges, etc.). Students whose dues remain unpaid for a long period will be expelled from the hostel, and a penalty will be imposed for the delayed period. Students leaving the hostel for vacation should clear all their dues before their departure.

   The hostel office will inform the parents/guardian about the hostel dues if the student fails to pay in time. However, it is the responsibility of the student to clear the dues in time.


   Boarders are liable to be fined by the Superintendent for any kind of misconduct; serious offences shall be punishable with expulsion from the Hostel by the Board of Residence.

   If any boarder is expelled from the hostel for any breach of rules, he / she will be liable to expulsion from the college to which he / she belongs.

   Cases of infringement of rules and disobedience of orders shall be dealt with by the Superintendent who is authorized to impose fine in such cases. He / she shall report all cases of serious misconduct for consideration by the warden, and the decision of the warden shall be final in this regard.

Collective Worship/Religious Celebrations

   No collective worship/religious celebrations shall be permitted in any hostel without the special permission of the warden.

Water, Electricity, Furniture and Fixture

   Boarders must take bath only in the bathrooms provided for the purpose.

   All lights/fans must be switched off when the occupants leave their room.

   No Furniture shall be removed from one place to another without the prior permission of the Superintendent / In-Charge of the hostel.

   Any damage to furniture, fixture, and utensils must be made good by the boarder/boarders causing it. If the boarder causing the damage is not detected, all the occupants of the room or rooms where the damage was caused will be held liable for such damage.

   Bulbs, holders, switches, etc., must not be changed by the boarders without the knowledge of the Superintendent / Assistant Superintendent / In-Charge of the hostel. Violation of this rule will make the boarder liable to a fine as determined by the authority.

   Any damage to the electric fitting in the rooms, passages, hostels, etc. must at once be reported to the Superintendent / In-Charge of hostel who will take necessary measures to repair the damage.

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