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Uni-Fest 2019 News

Source: Mewar University Posted On: 30-Mar-2019

As the cold and chilly season of winter started departing, and the season of spring began arriving the biggest carnival of Mewar University, THE UNI-FEST began to unfurl its aura in the campus. What started nine years back was to enter its 10th edition in the form of Uni-Fest 2019. It was a time of return of technical events, after a break of one year, accompanying the cultural and sports event. The date was set, and Uni-Fest was to hit on 9th March 2019. The preparation began and the most engaged minds of administration, faculty members and students became much more occupied with ideas to make the time an everlasting memory for the students. The range of cultural events was forever set with its most liked events, and the new challenge was technical events. The most loved and anticipated events like Roadies, Treasure Hunt and Talent Race returned to be a part of Uni-Fest 2019. With them came many new add ups in the technical section to make the Uni-Fest 2019 the best till date.

The road map was set. Fifteen technical events, six cultural events, and almost 15 sports events were to be accomplished in 7 days from the 9th of March to the 15th of March. Once the schedule was set, the environment of some compulsive forthcomings begins to build up. Promotional charts hangings and pamphlets could be seen everywhere on the campus.

The organizers and event coordinators started working their hearts and soul to promote the events and registrations in various events began to come up. The option of online registrations made it much easier for students to register and for the organizing committee, to sum up, the data. As the payments were to be made offline, when the students visited the assigned room for fees deposition, the Uni-Fest photo frame became a new attraction. Hundreds of pictures were clicked and uploaded with #Uni-Fest2019#MewarUniversity#ApnaFestAayega.As the date of opening begun to arrive, the statistics of registration started touching its target of 1000 enrollments in the technical section with the considerable involvement of international students.

On 9th March 2019, the Uni-Fest began with the inauguration of Uni-Fest's Khelo Mewar University sports meet. As the first match of cricket cup went on, the first technical event to hit was "Management ke Ustad" the event tested the management and marketing skills of students within three rounds. The first round was ad making were the pair prepared many creative ads of their own. The second was a thematic test. It demanded pairs to recognize the picture of an ad and tell the franchise or product in which it belongs. The final round was "Step into my shoes." The finalists here were randomly assigned some celebrities and were to portray themselves as the celebrity and face a simple interview.

At the same day after completion of the first event, the stage was ready for the first cultural event "The Voice of Mewar" or "The solo song" competition. One after the another the melodious singers of Mewar University begun to fill the air with the charm of their voices. The performance of Yemenite students was the attraction of the day and made the audience go crazy.

The second day of Uni-Fest that is 10th of March begins with the event "Text and Tell." The event was to participate in pairs. The first round checked the accuracy of pairs in handling their smartphones. Here, one from the pair had to type the paragraph on a smartphone, dictated by the other. The best player reached the second round. Here, the pairs were challenged to frame a story from five random words picked up by them. The fastest pairs with the most meaningful stories were the winner.

The next event in the technical section was "Constructo." The event demanded the engineering and design skills of the participant. The participants had to make bridges using the material given to them. The best designs with the most durable structure were declared as the winners of the event.

As the Sun started moving down, the whole attention was back on the cultural stage, and it was time for the second cultural event that is "Singing Stars" or "The Group Song" competition. The singers in each group matched their voices and rhythm to make a great and to the day for everyone.

As the cultural and technical event went on, the workshop on quadrotors by reputed professors from IIT Kanpur went on side by side. The workshop aimed at training students of Mewar University in designing the quadrotors. The workshop came out as a golden opportunity for interested students as the total registrations came up much more than expected.

The workshop ended the next day successfully on 11th March when the quadrotor designed by the students flew all over the campus at a height above the University building.

On 11th March, the third day of the Uni-Fest, the event "Talent Race," is one of the most loved and like event walked up like always to its reputation. It included many fun-filled tasks for the pairs; the dance and pause was the main attraction of the event.

The next event was "Save a Life" the participants in the event were supposed to take life-threatening issue and were to describe how it is harmful and how they can create awareness about the threat. Both tasks were to be completed in two rounds respectively. The event brought of many significant issues along with many problems which are although, very sensitive, still are not given much attention. Many ideas came up to eliminate this threat and to save a life.

On this date, the cultural stage was to host the event, " The Soul Rockers." The stage was split into two by a partition as the event demanded coordination of dance steps between partners. The pairs with the best moves and coordination won the hearts of everyone.

The day of 12th March 2019 started with some brain exercise for the students by the event "Quiz On." The event had three rounds where general science, mathematics, aptitude and general awareness of students were tested. The first round was a written test with objective type questions. Second and third round were oral quiz rounds. The sharpest three of all got the winning ranks.

The next event to come was again the forever liked event. It was time for "Treasure Hunt." The ultimate goal was to find the treasure based on clues. The first round made the young explorers look for evidence in water, whereas the second and third round made them wander around the whole campus for the clues. The event turned out to be a real adventure for students.

Next, it was time for the last event on the cultural stage. And the event was "Rhythmic Style" or "The Solo Dance" competition. More than twenty dancers showcased various dance forms from hip-hop to bhangra to classical to contemporary. The stage was set on fire which made it tough for judges to rank the best three.

13th March 2019 was a big day at Uni-Fest as it was time for the most awaited event, "Roadies." It was the day for the University to get it's Mr. and Ms. Roadies 2019 while the participants started gathering around the football field from 9 a.m, Roadies began at 11 a.m. In the meantime, the whole mob enjoyed a thrilling final of football were the game of international students got a lot of cheer. As the game of roadies begun, the mental and physical strength of students was challenged by the various task. Meanwhile, the technical section also had the event "Sharp with MS-Office." It checked the skills of participants with MS-Office.

Later, the same day the budding artists of Mewar University spread their love for the country on art paper with colors at the event "Chroma Artists."

As the day ended, Mewar University got its Ms. Roadies, 2019. While the quest for Mr. Roadies continued for the next day. After tonnes of hard work and efforts, the student from Yemen backed the title of Mr. Roadies. The event turned out to be fun both for participants and the viewers.

14th of March had three technical events. The day began with the event "Tech-Mate 3.0" the event had various fun-filled activities. The selfie round was entertaining.

Then came the event PUBG-Mobile. India's most popular mobile game was all set for its debut in Mewar University. A room was made, 100 players joined, 50 pairs landed on an unknown battleground and the fight begun. The last three teams to survive were awarded as winners.

Then came the 7th and the last day of Uni-Fest 2019 and it began with the last cultural activity, the group dance competition. Eight groups rocked the beautifully decorated main stage with their thrilling dance performances. Alongside the dance competition, prizes were distributed to winners of various technical, cultural and sports events. The best three dance performances bagged the winning ranks. After it, the whole focus moved to the event "Tech-Expo 2.0". Various creative and well-crafted models were exhibited here.

The last event on 14th of March was the "Action Replay" an opportunity was given to the students of Mewar University to write, direct, and act in their self-made short movies. A movie made on brave Indian pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan bagged the awards of the best video and the best actor.

The next and the last event in the technical section was "MU-Tuber." It was the newest and most exciting event of Uni-Fest where the participants covered the overall span of seven days of Uni-Fest and uploaded their coverage on YouTube. As per the criteria's of the area of coverage, content, and interest of the viewers, the best three bagged the prizes.


After wonder and fun-filled seven days, going through many technical, cultural, and sports event, the Mewar University crossed its targets with 1038 registration in technical activities, almost 200 registrations in cultural events, 500+ registrations in sports events.

On 16th March 2019, Mewar University celebrated its Annual Day and amid gracious presences of very eminent personalities. The students enjoyed great food and a lot of pure entertainment. Also, the students with the best performances in academic, co-curricular, extracurricular activities were awarded.

The Uni-Fest and the Annual day turned out to be a massive success as a fruit of hard work put in by students, faculty members, and management of Mewar University.



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