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Two days National Seminar on Recent Advances in Material Science and Computational Research: Use of Technical Hindi Terminologyof Sciences

Source: Mewar University Posted On: 01-Mar-2019

Two days National Seminar on

Recent Advances in Material Science and Computational Research: Use of Technical Hindi Terminologyof Sciences


Sponsored by

Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, MHRD,

Department of Higher Education, New Delhi

Organized by

 Mewar University, Chittorgarh

 (22 & 23 February 2019)



A Two days National Seminar  on “Recent Advances in Material Science and Computational Research: Use of Technical Hindi Terminologyof Sciences” was jointly conducted by Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology and Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, MHRD, Department of Higher Education, Government of India, New Delhi on 22-23 February, 2019 at Mewar University Campus. The seminar was sponsored by Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, MHRD, Department of Higher Education, Government of India, New Delhi.

This programme was targeted for the Faculty members. The materials science is the most diverse field of research due to the variety of topics that are available to study.Material characterization and material analysis have played an important role in understanding the behavior of advanced materials and helped in discovering materials and their properties.

The objectives of the seminar were…

  • To bring researchers and academicians for critical cross-talk to explore challenges, issues and opportunities in the field of material science.
  • To provide a perfect platform for the participants to upgrade their knowledge and experience and to discuss on the ways to disseminate the awareness of the latest trends and applications of science
  • To aware faculties and academician about standard technical terminologies of sciences in Hindi evolved and prepared by CSTT, MHRD, New Delhi
  • To write Books/ Literature of UG/PG and Research Level in Hindi and Indian Languages using standard terminology prepared by CSTT and to promote Indian Languages.



The registration of the candidates was done before the inauguration of the program. The Inauguration program started with the traditional Lamp lighting and garlanding Goddess Saraswati by invited guests and authorities of Mewar University.

The anchors Ms. Pooja Bathra and Ms. Ganga Biswa enlightened about the seminar and gave a brief overview on the topic, invited speakers and the participants. The welcome address was given by Dr. Gulzar Ahmed, Convener of the seminar and Head, Dept. of Physics. The welcome address was given by Mr. Vijay Raj Singh Shekhawat, Asst. Scientific Officer & Program Incharge, Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology (CSTT), MHRD, Department of Higher Education, New Delhi.

The floral welcome of the Chief Guest Prof. M L Kalra, Former Vice Chancellor, Kota University, Kota was done by Prof. V K Vaidya, President, Mewar University. Welcome of Special guest Dr. S C Ameta, Dean, Pacific University, Udaipur was done by Prof R  K Paliwal, Professor, Dept. of Physics. Welcome of Dr. V K.Vaidya, was done by Dr. C K Sharma, Dean-Academics. Welcome of Mr. Vijay Raj Singh Shekhawat was done by Dr. Gulzar Ahmed.

The theme of seminar was presented by Prof. R K Paliwal in which he elaborated about the seminar and discussed about the workings of CSTT, New Delhi. After that Prof. S C Ameta delivered his speech. In his speech he focused on the formation of CSTT, New Delhi and told that the first Chairman of CSTT was Dr. D.S. Kothari who was born at Udaipur, his native place. He also told that in Engliah a single word has many meanings, but in Hindi a single word consist of a special and clear meaning. He mentioned several examples. Then Prof. M L Kalra delivered his speech and he also mentioned that how we can easily elaborate anything in our mother tongue. He also suggested that the Sanskrit language may become a national language. He also suggested that we may start our courses for Foreign students in Hindi languages such as other countries like Germany, Japan, etc. are offering coursed in their respective languages. The presidential address was given by Dr. V K Vaidya, in which he welcomes all the speakers and participants and also given a glimpse of the seminar. The inauguration session was ended with the vote of thanks given by Dr. C K Sharma.

The first session was chaired by Prof. R. K. Paliwal. Prof. Anchal Srivastava, Professor, Dept. of Physics Lucknow University, Lucknow delivered her lecture.

The second session was chaired by Dr. B L Yadav. In this session Mr. Vijay Raj Singh Shekhawat discussed and gave information of the CSTT and also informed about the activities and projects  in which CSTT is working, 

Dr. Gunjan Arora, Asst. Prof., MLS University, Udaipur delivered her speech and informed about the theoretical computational methods. The last lecture of first day was delivered by special invitee Dr. Chandra Kant Sharma, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Astrology, Mewar University. In his lecture he gave glimpse of Sanskrit and Hindi languages.

The second day of seminar was again started with the lamp lighting and Saraswati Pooja. The first session of day was chaired by Dr. B K Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Mewar University. The speakers of this session were Dr. Anil Kumar Shrotiya, Lecturer, Dept. of Physics, Govt. College, Shahpura, Bhilwara, Rajasthan and Dr. Neelu Chouhan, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry University of Kota, Kota, Rajasthan.

The last session of the seminar was chaired by Dr. J. P. N.Ojha, Professor, Mathematics, Mewar University. In this session Dr. N. L.Heda, Asst. Prof.,  Dept. of Physics, University of Kota, Kota, Rajasthan,Dr. S. L. Kakani, Rtd. Prof., Dept. of Physics Govt. College, Bhilwara and special invitee Dr. R.L.Pitliya, Rtd. Prof., Govt. College, Bhilwara delivered their lectures. Dr. N. L.Heda also suggested how to make good research papers and also discussed the online submission process of research papers.

The valedictory function was presided over by Prof. R. K.Paliwal. Prof. S. L.Kakani and Dr. R. L.Pitliya were the Chief guests of the valedictory function. They addressed the audience with their motivating speech and gave best wishes to all the participants.

The certificates were distributed by the Guests and authorities of Mewar University and CSTT, New Delhi to the distinguished speakers invited to the seminar and participants.

Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Vijay Raj Singh Shekhawat on behalf of Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, New Delhi. Dr. Jyoti Raghav, Co-convener of the program presented the vote of thanks on behalf of Mewar University. She expressed the special thanks to Dr Ashok Kumar Gadiya, Chariman, Mewar University, Shri Govind Lal Ji Gadiya, Secretary, Mewar Education Society, Shri Ladu Lal Ji Gadiya, Member, BOM for providing all the necessary facilities for the organization of seminar. Thanks also given to Dr. Sarvottam Dixit, Advisor to chairman for his advice for submitting the seminar proposal. Thanks also given to Dr. V K Vaidya,, President, Mr. Venkat VPRP, Registrar, MR. H. Vidhani and Mr.Narendra Kothari, OSD, Mewar University for their support.

At last National Anthem was sung by the gathering.



The following committees were formed for smooth conductance of the seminar.

Program Incharge                                        Co Convener                                    Convener

Vijay Raj Singh Shekhawat                         Dr. Jyoti Raghav                             Dr. Gulzar Ahmed

CSTT, MHRD,                                                   Dept. of Maths,                                Dept. of Physics

New Delhi                                                        Mewar University                         Mewar University

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