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Seminar on "Social Justice: Current Scenario, Challenges & Solutions" held on 20th February 2019

Source: Mewar University Posted On: 25-Feb-2019


Organized by Faculty of Humanities, Social Science & Fine Arts, Mewar University

In Collaboration with ‘Prayas’ Chittorgarh

On the occasion of the “World Day for Social Justice”

On 20th February, 2019 (Time: 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM)


Faculty of Humanities, Social Science & Fine Arts, Mewar University organized a seminar on “SOCIAL JUSTICE: CURRENT SCENARIO, CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS” on the occasion of World Social Justice Day on20th February, 2019 at Maharana Pratap Seminar Hall, Mewar University, Gangrar, Chittorgarh.

The event started with traditional welcome of the guests in the entrance of the venue of the seminar. This was followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp and garlanding of the Godess Maa Sarawati. The invited guests in the programme were from different institutions/universities of state. After this the guests were escorted to the dais by the Convener and Co-Convenor for the Inauguration ceremony. The inauguration function started with a welcome address delivered by Prof. Chitralekha Singh, Dean,Faculty of Humanities, Social Science & Fine Arts, Mewar University. She extended a hearty welcome to the guests and participants to the seminar. She expressed the hope that the participants would be immensely benefitted by the proceedings of the seminar.

The Keynote Address by given by Convenor of the Seminar Dr. Ravindra Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Mewar University. He explained the significance of the social justice day and the objective of convening the seminar.

Next was the felicitation of the guests. Prof. K.C. Sharma was felicitated by Prof. R.K. Paliwal, Dean of Research, Mewar University. Mr. Sunil Kumar Ojha by Dr. B.K. Sarma, Head, Department of Chemistry. Prof. S.C. Rajora, felicitated by Registrar, Mewar University, Dr. Venkata V.P.R.P. Felicitation of Dr. Narendra Gupta was done by Dr. C. K. Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy. Mrs. Bharti Gehlot was felicitated by Prof. Chitralekha Singh, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences & Fine Arts. Mrs. Sangeeta Tyagi by Mrs. Vandna Chundawat, Head, Department of English.

Dr. Narendra Gupta in his talk reasoned that social injustice exists in the society because of inequality in the system. He opined that there is rising tendency in inequality in the recent pasts because of many reasons.

Mr. Sunil Kr. Ojha in his speech explained the role of the Legal Service Authorities functioning in the national, regional and Taluka level as per the directions from Supreme Court of India. He informed that the District Legal service Authority, Chittorgarh is always ready to render help to the victims of the social injustice. He stated that social justice starts from family itself with equal treatments given to the girl and boy child.

Hon’ble Justice (Retd.) Mr. C. M. Totla elaborated provisions available in the Indian constitution regarding the deliverance of the social justice. He also highlighted about the different rights available to the Indian citizens. Poverty may one of the reasons of the existing injustice; however poverty elimination will not ensure equitable social justice, for which the need is a healthy and tolerant social system.

The first technical session started with talk of Prof.K.C.Sharma.He spoke on the importance of social justice for the growth of the country. He opined that there should be equitable distribution of the land, opportunities and privileges for the total population of the country. He remarked that the casteism has been bane of the Indian society which has lead to the inequalities. The reservation system in jobs had been a justified step toward an equal society whose proper implementation is of absolute necessity for the upliftment of the weaker sections.

Mrs. Bharati Gehlot in her talk discussed in detail the gender inequality prevalent in the Indian society. She elaborated her points with her personal experience of working with victims of social injustice. She remarked that the discrimination against the girl child in Indian society starts at her births itself. Women are still not given equal opportunities even in the educated society, and she also shared her experience of difficulties faced  in the deliverance of justice to needy women.

The Second Session started after lunch break.The first speaker of this session. Prof. S. C Rajora delivered a talk on the Gender Inequality- Contemporary Issues and Regional Prejudices. He cited many examples of gender inequalities prevalent in the Indian society. He explained that gender and sex are different. Gender has sociological where as sex has biological connototations. He state that distorted perceptions towards women in India still persist instead of rapid ‘so called advancement’ particularly noticed in metropolitan cities. He mentioned that women are needed to stand up and speak about the discriminations faced by them. He mentioned the case of Naudia Murad, Nobel Laureate of 2019, who is waging war with rape as weapon.

Mrs. Sangita Tyagi delivered the second lecture of the technical session 2.She also dealt mostly on injustice meted out to women in Indian society. She informed from her experience of working with HIV patients that it has been observed that it’s always the women who are succumbing to the virus mostly for no fault of hers. The plight of a HIV infected woman in the society is really deplorable, and she is deprived of all her basic rights because of outlook of the society towards such woman.

The technical sessions were conducted by Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Sarma.

After tea break, the Valedictory function was conducted..The welcome address of the valedictory function was delivered by Dr. Chander Kant Sharma, Asst. Professor, Department of Astrology. He welcomes all the guests and the participants. The summary of the technical sessions were read out by Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Sarma. In his speech he highlighted important points of all the speakers of the technical sessions. The seminar ended with vote of thanks which was proposed by Dr. Ravindra Kumar, Head of the department of Psychology, Convener of the seminar. The seminar was ably anchored by Mr. Jyotiraditiya and Ms. Ankita Shaw students of Mewar University.

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