Extension activity done by Faculty of Agriculture and veterinary Science

Source: Mewar University Posted On: 02-Feb-2019

“Advising to Practice and Implement ”

Village Survey

An Extension activity done by Faculty of Agriculture and veterinary Science  on 02/02/19, Saturday in which all faculty members and some students surveyed  the Khuntia village.A meeting was also held with Gram sarpanch , Gram Sachiv , farmers and some elder members of the village. Department discussed their problems regarding Education, cropping system, livestock, health and sanitation;  Drinking, irrigation and drainage system. The survey was well conducted under the supervision of Dr. Neelu Jain, Assistant professor, Extension Education with collaboration of all faculty members. The villagers were satisfied by our suggestions regarding rural development and cooperated  us for providing information. All experts like agronomist, entomologist and pathologist delivered there valuable suggestions.  Our veterinary department is regularly visiting and giving free medical checkup and  medicines to the live stock.

The survey was well  conducted  and up to the satisfaction of all including  the  villagers and such extention activities will promote and enhance the rural awareness and development by Mewar University.


 Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

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