71st Independence Day Celebration at Mewar University

71st  Independence Day Celebration  at Mewar University

The Independence day celebrated in Mewar University with great zeal and enthusiasm. The chief guest for the occasion was Shri Govind Lal Ji Gadiya ,Chairman, MES and Guest of honor was Shri R.K. Gadiya, Management Representative.

The chief guest and guest of honor were welcomed by Prof.V.N.R.Pillai,President, Mewar University. Then Security officers gave the guard of honor which was followed by an inspection of Platoon by the chief guest. Afterwards the flag hoisting ceremony took place. The chief guest hoisted the flag. Everybody gave tribute to our national heroes who had sacrificed their lives for our independence by saluting the national tricolor along with the national anthem. Then march-past was done by the university security officers and students. Pyramid activity was performed by the students which was well coordinated by Mr.Ankit Kharb and it was appreciated by all.

After that our chief guest addressed with a motivational speech on Independence Day. Next in line was the well organized cultural programme performed by the students of different departments coordinated by Ms.Neeraj and Ms Gunjeet from department of Agriculture.Lsat but not the least there was organised the clean india campaign in Mewar University by Technical Today club.Sweets were distributed among all the staff and students at the end.




Mewar University students take part in  District level 71st  Independence Day celebration

Chittorgarh: Thirty students from Mewar University, belonging to different states of India, participated in the district level Independence Day celebration and performed at the Indira Gandhi  stadium, Chittorgarh, displaying their collective creative talents in the form of beautifully choreographed traditional folk dance. Three folk dance were performed by the students of Assam, Nagaland and Jammu-Kashmir representing their states respectively.


Mewar University students take part in  Tehsil level 71st  Independence Day celebration

Gangrar: Seven students from Mewar University, belonging to different states of India, participated in the tehsil level Independence Day celebration. Students performed  a drama on the theme  "UDAAN-BALIKA SHIKSHA" to encourage female child education.


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