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Department Facilities Electrical Engineer

Basic Electrical Lab

·In basic electrical lab students can familiarize with basic electrical engineering concepts by performing simple experiments.

·It helps in improving the knowledge of students in various electrical parameters and electrical circuit elements.

Major Equipments


  •  Various Network Theorem Kits
  •  Auto Transformer
  •  Single Phase Transformer

Power System Lab

· Power System is a very vital part in Electrical Engineering Field.

· With this power system lab students in Diploma, B.Tech and M.Tech can study the power system concepts in a better way with practical exposure.

Major Equipments

Buchholz Relay

Under Frequency Relay

 Differential Relay

C.T. Test


Power Electronics and Drives Lab

·Power Electronics is booming field in Electrical Engineering with lot of real time applications.

·In this lab students are much benefited with latest technological aspects in Power Electronics and Drives in practical means.

Control Systems Lab

·Control Systems which is the brain area in Electrical Engineering field with lot of controlling aspects for various processes.

In Control Systems Lab students can understand their control system concepts more clear with practical performances

Major Equipments


  •  PID control trainer
  •  Servo motors
  •  Magnetic amplifiers
  •  AC and DC motor position control trainer
  •  Servo Interface Panel

Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments Lab

·       Measurements and measuring instruments which are the key areas of Electrical Engineering which needs more practical knowledge.

·       With this measurements lab students can study in detail about measuring various electrical quantity and also they can familiarize with various measuring instruments.

Major Equipments

  •  Various AC and DC Bridge kits
  •   LVDT Trainer
  •  Spectrum Analyser
  •   Digital Insulation Tester
  •   RPM/Speed measurement tutor

Electrical Machines Lab

·       Electrical Machines which can be considered as the heart of the Electrical Engineering, so in this field student’s needs strong basic knowledge about machines.

·       So in Electrical Machines Lab students are able to practically operate various electrical machines with the help of various experiments designed in the curriculum.


Major Equipment

  •   Synchronous Motor with panel
  •   3 Phase Transformer
  •   3 Phase Induction Motor with Panel
  •   3 Phase Auto Transformer
  •   3 Phase Resistive Load

Electrical Circuit Theory Lab

1.     In circuit theory lab students can get a clear cut idea about Electrical Circuits.

2.     It also makes students more familiarize with electrical parameters and electrical circuit elements.

Major Equipments

  •  DC Network theorem kits
  •  Electrical Law trainers
  •  RC circuit
  •  Cascaded two port networks

Electrical Workshop

·       Diploma students in Electrical Department get more practical knowledge about electrical real-time applications from Electrical Workshop.

·       From Electrical Workshop they can study about various electrical real-time applications like house wiring, celling fan, refrigerator etc.

Major Equipment

  •   House wiring panel
  •  Various type of lamp panel
  •  Ceiling Fan Panel
  •   Various Joints and Connection panel



Project Lab


  •  In Project Lab students can perform projects under the guidance of faculties and technical assistants.




 Students are working on their projects

List of Projects

  Wind power plant project

  •  Hydro power plant project
  •  Phase changer project
  •  Remote button tester project
  •  Sound sensor project
  •  Metal sensor project
  •  PV system projects

  Departmental Library


  •   The departmental library has books and magazines covering all the topics in Electrical Engineering from Undergraduate to Post Graduate level. There are about 200 books on Electrical Engineering by various National and International authors.
  •   Five magazines and Newspapers are available.
  •   An e- library consisting of access to various Video lectures and notes viz. NPTEL etc.

Biographies and Autobiographies of Eminent personalities who have contributed to the field of Science and Technology are available


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